About Us


From what started out as a small idea to run alongside a car sales business back in 2013, our ambition has allowed us to grow into one of the most reputable number plate suppliers in the UK. How have we done it? We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service possible. We understand that this is a fairly unknown industry and we try to be as transparent as possible, also giving our customer the best tools and options for designing their bespoke number plates.

We have spent a lot of time perfecting our number plate builder, making it as easy as possible to use and providing the most wanted styles and finishes at the best possible price. Though we are never content with what we have done so far and we continue to work to improve the buying experience.

Since 2013, a lot has changed. We have upscaled our premises 3 times and now run a large office and manufacturing warehouse in Guiseley, Leeds. This is due to the increase in customer demand and our drive to be able to create and provide more personalised high quality items for our customers to enjoy. The drive we have means we have had to purchase the latest laser cutting and CNC routing equipment, giving us the opportunity to expand our range of possible products drastically. This also means we can venture into signage and graphics creation and manufacturing, something that we intend to nurture in the same way we have and continue to do with Number1Plates.

So, what makes us different? As a registered number plate supplier (RNPS) we accept that there are other companies out there providing products that are similar to ours. What makes us different is our confidence in the service that we provide and the quality of the products that you receive at the end of the process. We offer a 3 year guarantee on all of our number plates, giving you the comfort that we trust you will encounter no issues with what you have purchased from us. And our passion for creating fresh and cutting edge designs for our customers show that we care for the needs of those that are looking to buy from a company such as us.

If we aren’t considered Number 1 now, we will continue working to change that!