Plate Types

Short Number Plates

Through huge requests and demands from our customers, coupled with us integrating the latest laser cutting equipment, we’ve started to produce and supply custom sized short number plates.

4D Laser Cut Plates

The latest addition to our text styles. 4D laser cut plates acrylic that is configurable to any of our number plate sizes and materials. The new raised style adds an even more personal and premium feel to your bespoke number plate design.

Replacement BMW Number Plates

The highest quality BMW number plates for the ultimate driving machine.

Range Rover Number Plates

Custom and replacement plates for your off-roader. Our Land Rover and Range Rover number plates are ideal for owners looking to replace existing number plates or add their own DVLA personalised registration to their 4×4.

Mercedes Number Plates

Update your plates with the ultimate luxury customisation.

Jaguar Number Plates

Distinguished Jaguar Number Plates for a great British classic

3D Domed Gel Number Plates

A truly custom finish in high gloss piano black. Make your plates come alive with 3d domed gel plates and be the envy of other motorists. These are at the top of the table when it comes to premium number plates, and it’s not hard to see why. These are created by covering a legal font cut out with a special gel resin, this then dries in the dome effect, giving it then clean raise that you want from this style plate!

Pressed Metal Number Plates

NEW! Pressed Metal Number Plates with or without GB logo

Replacement MINI Number Plates

From classic owners looking for a vintage feel to new Mini Cooper owners looking for a curved rear plate, our model-specific MINI Number Plates are the perfect finishing touch.

Aluminium Number Plates

Number 1 Plates are proud to announce the next generation of number plates.